Many pad brands are businesses operated by a Work-At-Home-Mother, which is where this term comes from.

This can vary between someone sewing up a few pads to occasionally sell on ebay or etsy to help supplement the family income, to businesses that are run on a larger scale by women who choose to stay at home rather than seek employment outside of the home. Some WAHM pad businesses have even started before the seller became a parent, so the term, while widely used, does not represent any particular type of business, and does not indicate the scale or size of the business. Specialty "Mall" type stores are often set up to give WAHM the opportunity to sell their products, where sellers and the Mall creator may both be WAHMs

There is also a term WAHP - Work-At-Home-Parent as a more politically correct term, which also refers to a business that is run by a partnership or a father. WAHM/WAHP businesses can be anything, not limited to selling pads. There are WAH businesses for web design, accounting and a wide range of businesses.

For these reasons a WAHM business should not automatically be considered to be of inferior quality or substandard in business practices.

Many WAHM pad makers call their products "Mama Pads" or "Mama Cloth", which is a term that not all cloth pad lovers are happy with.

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