• For the sake of standardization, sizes here will be defined on a S/M/L scale


  • XS (smaller than 7in or 17cm)
  • S (7-9in 18-23cm)
  • M (9-11in or 23-28cm)
  • L (11-13in or 28-33cm)
  • XL (longer than 14in or 35cm)


(this is measured with wings closed as they would be in the underwear)

  • XS (smaller than 2in or 5cm)
  • S (2-2.5in or 6-7cm)
  • M (2.5-3in or 7-8cm)
  • L (3-3.5in or 8-9cm)
  • XL (3.5-4in or 9-10cm)
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