Fresh Moon discusses some of the absorbency needs associated with pregnancy:

Pregnancy Discharge

In the early stages of pregnancy, one of the first signs is a thin, white, milky discharge called Leukorrhea. This is perfectly normal and common in nearly every pregnancy. But, many women dislike the feeling of dampness in their underwear and choose to wear pantiliners for comfort and protection.
As you near the end of your pregnancy different concerns come into light and many women opt to stay home and avoid public situations to avoid embarrassment. Namely, urinary incontinence. Many women experience leaking from their bladder with a sudden laugh, cough or sneeze during the late stages or pregnancy when there is very little room for their baby to move around. There are also times when the baby will place a great deal of pressure against your bladder or even kick or punch it! This can result in a sudden and unexpected release of urine. Another fear women have is that their water will break in public. While this happens less than 10% of the time, it is something that could happen.

Postpartum Bleeding

After your baby is born, your body will self-cleanse and start releasing all of the extra blood and fluid that was built up during the pregnancy. Your postpartum bleeding can last anywhere from 4-12 weeks and the first couple of weeks can be very heavy. Many women are concerned with using disposable pads that contain chlorine and other unknown chemicals when their bodies are so open and vulnerable. This makes the choice for cloth an obvious one, but many times they do not realize there are comfortable well made cloth pads made by moms, for moms that work for this recovery time.

Milk Production

Many mothers also start leaking from their breasts as their bodies prepare for breastfeeding. This can be quite embarrassing and a bit of a nuisance.
More and more women are choosing to breastfeed again and we are thrilled to see this trend! Even women who do not plan on breastfeeding will still need breastpads for late pregnancy protection against leaking as well as the time after the baby is born and mom waits for her milk to stop being produced.

General Hygiene

Some women feel they need to do a little extra to cleanse themselves and they choose to use cloth wipes.
These wipes come in handy as washcloths, wet wipes for your face and hands, cleaning up spit up and as a quick hand wash after changing baby when a sink isn’t handy.

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