If you've never sewn anything before or have otherwise only limited experience, these guides may be helpful. If you know what you're doing and can use a pattern, those may work better for you.

Free Patterns and Guides

AIO Pads


Pocket+Insert Pads

Base+Liner Pads

Circle Pads

Belted Pads


Fold-Up Pads

Patterns for Sale

Many of these patterns come with a guarantee of ongoing customer support, as well as an extensive guide to fabrics, that may not be available for free.

Patterns for Sale Available for Comercial Use

If you intend to sell pads made with one of the above patterns, you may need to contact the pattern-maker regarding crediting them. The designers bellow, however, have given explicit permission to use their patterns for commercial purposes. Don't resell their PDFs, though!

*Sewn Pads' Pattern Set
*Bright Rose Creations' Patterns

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