Hyenacart is an online marketplace of natural handmade items including cloth pads and wetbags. Originally conceived as a cloth diaper hub, as mothers discovered cloth for themselves, they added it to their shops on this community. Thus, a search for "menstrual" won't yield as many results as one for "cloth mama pad" or something referring to motherhood. Hyenacart's unique features include "free for shipping" lotteries where users can enter to win an item and pay only for shipping.

Individual Sellers

Sellers here have their own shop just for their wares.


Congos are a marketplace of sellers. They are listed here if they feature at least one seller who makes cloth pads.

Closed Shops

Here are Hyenacart shops that have been inactive for at least a year, are formally closed, or no longer sell cloth menstrual pads. However, many still have contact information if you would like a custom order.

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