Etsy is a marketplace for hand-made products, with a number of sellers of cloth menstrual pads and pantyliners. The seller name links to a page within our Cloth Pad Wiki that gives information on the products they stock, and their website link will take you directly to their Etsy shop. Shopping on Etsy is a little like shopping at a boutique, where pads are available individually or in sets, but you almost always see a picture of the items before you commit to buying them. Etsy operates on a feedback system, so you can find out what other buyers thought of a product before you purchase one yourself. If you are a cloth pad seller on Etsy, please feel free to add yourself to this list and make a wiki page using the template. Shops will only be added here once they have made at least one sale of a cloth menstrual pad.


South Korea

Australia/New Zealand




North America


United States

Closed Shops

Closed shops have no items listed and have not sold anything in over a year. The sellers may return or may still be taking custom orders, so check back if you are interested in their pads.

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