Eco Femme

Eco Femme is a global women’s empowerment project promoting menstrual practices that are healthy, dignified, affordable and eco positive.

  • Environment - We make 100% cotton washable cloth pads that are good for the environment, healthy to use, affordable and beautiful too.
  • Education - We run menstrual health educational programs for underprivileged Indian school girls and offer cloth pads for free as part of our Pad for Pad program .
  • Livelihood - We assist women's self help groups (SHGs) in India to create ethically produced, washable cloth pads. Profits are then allocated back to our educational programs.

(may also be referred to as ecofemme)

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Contact us: gro.emmefoce|ofni#gro.emmefoce|ofni


  • Pantyliner (without PUL layer) (18x7cm when closed)
  • Pantyliner (18x7cm)
  • Day Pad (23x7cm)
  • Day Pad Plus (26.5x7)
  • Night Pad (29x7cm)
  • Canvas travel pouch for storing clean or used pads (12x14cm)


  • Top: cotton flannel
  • Core: cotton flannel
  • Leakproof Layer (all pads unless stated as without): PUL (Polyurethane laminate)
  • Bottom: woven cotton





  • Affordable, $


  • India
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